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What's Our Philosophy/Process?

As you make choices regarding your finances, our experience has been that many clients don’t have an appreciation for the impact a single decision in one area can have on many other areas of your financial life.

Our firms’ name, Integrated Financial Solutions, was derived from our philosophy. We believe that having an integrated plan that coordinates the goals and objectives from all elements of your financial life, can provide you with the most complete result.

To develop that integrated plan, we must explore the relationships that exist between several areas of your financial life. Failing to address one area, may result in several other goals not being achievable. These areas include: the risk of an untimely disability, death, or a long term care event; wealth accumulation for retirement, college education, or major purchases; income generation during retirement; and wealth transfer after death.

Having an integrated plan also means working with other professionals such as your tax advisor and attorney. We have also found it beneficial to meet with and seek input from key family members to create and fulfill your plan.

Achieving that integrated plan is not as difficult as you may think; we do most of the work! After you have gathered the necessary information listed on our “What’s needed” tab, we will meet a time or two, and will be asking you a lot questions! During this process, we hope to gain clarity on what you have accomplished already, while trying to help you identify specific goals and objectives for the future. We also believe it’s our responsibility to provide education and insight to you during this process so that you can make informed decisions.

After that, we demonstrate what your current plan will accomplish versus your goals and objectives and identify shortfalls that should be addressed in order to fulfill your plan. Your integrated plan is always a work in progress and after this first meeting, you may identify specific goals and objectives that you wish to modify. During this process, we continue to offer ideas and solutions to help complete your plan.

Periodically, we must revisit the plan in order monitor your progress and identify any changes.

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